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 From an early age, my heart would always beat a little faster when I was creating things. I would film amateur home movies, the videos you see on this screen, with my brothers and cousin, using an old tape camcorder and an early 2000s laptop computer camera that would make Gary Busey look good on playback. They were hardly great films to watch, but creating these paved the way for my love for videography and eventually photography. 


 Flash forward 20 something years, skipping my time growing up in Las Vegas, I graduate from college from the University of Colorado Boulder and I decide to pack my bags to teach english in Thailand. This cultural exploration ignited my voracious appetite for self improvement, love for travel and experiencing new things and cultures, and eventually, after returning home and then moving to Costa Rica shortly after, my stark realization that I want to do nothing else in life than create videos and take photographs that evoke emotions in people. 

Currently, I live in Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam and I continue to carry out that realization with intense fervor.

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